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Learning & Development

Training in one place

Our Training and development initiatives are designed to support the job performance of an individual or group, advancing a worker's knowledge and skills set and instilling greater motivation which enhance job performance.

We cover your learning and development, management and compliance with Policies and Procedures, Risk assessments, Repeat assessments, New start-ups regulations compliance. HR compliance such as Healthcare Mandatory Training, Recruitment regulations, Immigration for Recruitment with training, mentoring, guidance, advice and networking.

Skill, Re-skill, Upskill


At Kawib Solutions, we combine our skills to support our client's  administrative processes and strategies. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients' structure their development needs to meet company goals. 

Our team supports individuals to develop and maintain skills  enabling them stay relevant and competitive through coaching, mentoring, supervision and sourcing  recommended and optional content to support employee development. 

We provide basic coaching and mentoring for personnel and support behavioural change alongside:​

  • Assistance with CV preparation and review, Interview skill coaching, Job Alert E-Mails, Salary Surveys, Jobs Listed On Website, Professional Placement, Developmental Training


Our training varies from mandatory compliance to self-driven development.   ​


Training options 

Our training sessions range from half a day,  whole day, a couple of days to a longer-term project, depending on our clients needs.


We offer:

  • Free and  paid Mandatory training alongside training tailored requirements.


Training takes the form of

  • one-on-one

  • workshops;

  • webinars

  • lead working groups and

  • focus group

We work with your management and staff representatives to solve problems


Support is tailored to your challenges including:

  • communication

  • staff consultation;

  • absence management;

  • job evaluation;

  • mental health and wellbeing;

  • organisational change.

  • coaching

  • mentoring

Giving a Presentation
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