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Recruitment & Hiring Policy

Conducting Worker Interviews

Kawib Solutions Ltd is aware that migrants are a particularly vulnerable class of Healthcare workers due to their migrant, often contingent, status.

The company is aware of the importance of discussing the recruitment and hiring process with Healthcare workers in order for them to better understand the process, the people involved, and circumstances involved in placing them at the work site.


Kawib is also aware of the need for all interviewers to be aware of local terms used for labor recruiters.

  1. Inform workers of the purpose of the interview, including how the information they provide will be used.

  2. Explain to workers that it is entirely at their discretion to participate and that they assure the workers that any information they provide will be kept confidential and that they will not suffer any retaliation for participating in the interview.

  3. Also assure workers that they will be paid in full for interviews conducted during working hours.

  4. Explain to workers that the interview is not necessarily a means to resolve all individual grievances (although “zero-tolerance” issues such as harassment or trafficking should always be immediately addressed) or to improve general workplace conditions. The grievance process should be used for that purpose.

  5. Conduct interviews in a place with adequate privacy from supervisors, who, depending on the sector, may serve as an informal labor recruiter for the supplier.

  6. Finally, keep in mind that some of the most vulnerable workers may work outside of normal working hours with the least desirable work schedules. For example, migrants and other vulnerable workers may be found working “graveyard” shifts cleaning offices and manufacturing and processing areas, often under pressured time frames. Measures should be taken to accommodate the working hours of these most vulnerable individuals.

  7. Migrants can withdraw their consent to participate freely at any time.

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