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Recruitment Solutions

Kawib Solutions offers bespoke in-house research to enable our client recruiting competencies. We follow the best systems & processes within Human Resource Management and therefore serve our clients' relevant end-to-end recruitment needs.

With a commitment to accurate onboarding, our team is highly trained to find and engage individuals with the best skills on behalf of our clients.

We specialize in recruiting and providing temporary and contingency staff to other organizations and may mass hire depending on client requirements for specified assignments and reasonable terms. 

For an excellent recruitment process for our clients, a time-tested and robust internal process is followed. The process interlaces the recruiters, leads, and company needs. We pay distinctive attention to compliance, confidentiality, documentation, follow-up processes, and strict timelines as well as client consultation. Our experience and expertise in the recruitment field will realize our clients' goals.

The Kawib Solutions team will screen and review potential candidates to make sure they are the perfect fit and profile for the position. We test and assess candidates on your behalf with your team helping to run and manage the process.

We help your organization manage disruption by identifying skills gaps and providing effective learning interventions. Mandatory Training as rewuireis available for all staff

Provide basic coaching and mentoring for personnel and support behavioral change.

  • Staffing

  • Professional Placement

  • Developmental Training

  • Transformational Management

  • Performance Appraisals

  • Generalist HR Consulting