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Healthcare Staffing Agency

Expert Guidance on setting up your business

Starting a business is a daunting task for anyone. We handle responsibilities as agreed with individual clients.

These include leading research to identify the market, identify problems, research possible solutions to the problem, risk assessments, writing reports including business plans, recruiting, selecting and developing staff, and conducting meetings with clients to share solutions.

We work with both small and medium companies, managers, and employees to carry out observations and research and risk assessments and analyze findings. We work with a variety of schedules, ad-hoc notice, short and medium-term contracts based on clients' needs.

We provide continued compliance support throughout our contract with our clients.

  • Start-up policies and procedures, to maintain compliance.

  • New employee documents, starter forms, induction checklist, reference request template.

  • Free maintenance consultancy to use as and when required during a set time frame.

We take time to understand your requirements, key goals, and your vision. Through the one on one consultation process, we develop tailor-made solutions suitable to your business

Our lead consultant holds a minimum of a Master's degree with experience and knowledge of healthcare policy and industry good practice.

Regulation of healthcare businesses in the UK: 

Advise new and existing health and social care businesses on the regulatory and compliance issues to consider when offering services, including compliance with information governance requirements under the GDPR.

Contracting with Consumers and Patients:

How to sell your services and what agreements and contracts you need to have in place with any suppliers to your business and customer.

Alongside starting your health and social care recruitment business, we continue to support you as your business develops and grows.