Additional  Services

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Learning and Development

Enabling employees to learn the knowledge and skills needed to excel in their chosen position


At Kawib Solutions, we combine our skills to support our client's  administrative processes and strategies. We’re proud to help shape and improve how our clients' structure their development needs to meet company goals. 

Our team supports individuals to develop and maintain skills  enabling them stay relevant and competitive through coaching,  mentoring,          supervision and sourcing  recommended and optional content to support employee development. 

We provide basic coaching and mentoring for personnel and support behavioural change alongside:​

  • Professional Placement

  • Developmental Training

  • Transformational Management

  • Performance Management

  • Generalist HR Consultation

Our training varies from mandatory compliance to self-driven development.   ​

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Business Meeting

Care Compliance Management

Enabling clients to learn the knowledge and skills in care compliance management

Managing Risk Assessments
Quality Management 
Customised Audits
Care Management
Care Planning
Document Control
Pre inspection support