About Our Business

Our Mission

To connect those who provide care to those who need care.

Our Aims:

  • To find  and empower the best talent for health and social care 

  • To generate employment opportunities within the community

  • To create sustainable employment for the future

  • To create service stability by increasing customer and client satisfaction

Kawib Solutions Ltd is a value-based  consultancy that facilitates Recruitment and Health and Social Care compliance. Born of integrity and compassion for others, Kawib Solutions Ltd embodies a synergy between passion and reliability tempered by experience. ​

Kawib Solutions Ltd will deploy the exact resources required for your needs.


Our values


People Oriented

We are passionate about bringing people together to achieve their goals and share their vision. From client to candidate, people are the focus of our business.  All our achievements are about people. 

  • we listen to our customer needs so we can provide better services

  • each individual in our organisation helps us succeed

  • we want to make a difference in the world of work

Diverse and Inclusive

We are committed to ensuring that every stage of our recruitment campaign is as inclusive, fair  and accessible as possible. 

We value equality, diversity and inclusion. We create equal opportunities and develop good working relationships between different people making every effort to eliminate discrimination.  The Equality Act 2010 protects you from discrimination at work.

We are signed up to the Equality and Equity Charter royalgreenwich.gov.uk/equalitycharter

Striving for Excellence

We use the continually changing technology to improve our standards. ensuring excellence and best services to our customers. We continue to improve as individuals and as an organisation. We work with other organisations to maintain compliance 

Supporting our Community

We are committed to supporting our community and society through volunteering and being active in the community within which we work.